CBT Skills Group FAQs


Maybe you are here because you are curious or maybe you heard about our program from a friend or your doctor. Whatever reason got you here, you probably have some questions.

These are the most commonly asked questions about the CBT Skills program.
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What is the course like?

The groups are a classroom setting of up to 16 participants. Currently, all group are being offered in an online format. You will receive a workbook that the facilitator will teach from each week. Most of the classroom time will be spent learning the concepts and practicing the skills, with minimal personal sharing. Each class you will be assigned homework for you to complete for the following week.

Who are the facilitators?
Facilitators of the program are specially trained family physicians, psychiatrists, or both.
What is the time commitment?
Each series consists of 8 weeks of 90-minute sessions. There is also 10-60 minutes of home practice each week.
Will I have to share personal information?
The program involves skills training, not psychotherapy, so personal sharing is limited. Each week each participant briefly shares on their learning each week. Most people say this learning from other participants is the most powerful part of the course.
How much does it cost me?

The facilitators are paid by MSP, and the cost to you is an initial $65 as no show fee deposit that is returned to you if you attend all the sessions, or miss only one.  You can choose to purchase a hard copy of the workbook for $35 at the time of registration, or access an online copy. If you want a hard copy of the book but it is a financial hardship for you, we offer coupons to reduce the cost.

Once you are registered for a group, you will be able to modify your booking up until two weeks prior to the group start date. After that time, you will not be able to change your booking and we will not refund your no show fee deposit. 

When and where are the groups held?

The groups are run days, evenings, and even weekends. During the pandemic, all groups will be held virtually using zoom technology.

How can I sign up?
First, decide if you have the time and energy to commit to attending all of the 8 weekly sessions. Each week also involves 10-60 minutes of practice at home.

Then, request a referral from your family physician. He or she will have you complete a screening questionnaire to determine if the group is suitable for you.

If you are eligible, your family physician will send in the referral and we will be in touch with you by email with the list if upcoming groups for you to choose from.

What do participants say?

"This course has been invaluable. I wish I could have learned these things earlier in life."

"It brought sunshine to the darkness. An oasis of companionship and sharing. Awakening and aha moments of triggers."

"I feel empowered that I direct my life, I have the power to control and change my thoughts, behaviours, and feelings, and I'm worth it to do so."

"Realization that I am not alone - everyone is going through something."

"Through the CBT Skills program I have learned simple approaches I can use to maintain more objectivity in situations where I could become anxious or overly emotional. I have more ways to remain calm and feel more in control over my moods/emotions."


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