Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

On-line CBT Skills Groups are now being offered to support patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. You might be curious about this course and how to participate. Click the below questions for our answers.

What is the on-line course like and how is it different from the in-person course?

The online course will be run like our in-person course, but like a virtual classroom setting with up to 16 participants. Instead of being in a physical room together, you are in a virtual room as a zoom meeting. To ensure psychological safety for everyone, all participants will be on video throughout the session. Sessions remain to be between 90 minutes to 120 minutes in length. You will obtain a workbook that the facilitator will teach from each week. Most of the classroom time will be spent learning the concepts and practicing the skills, with minimal personal sharing. You will be assigned homework for you to complete the following week.

How can I participate in the online CBT Skills Groups?
If you would like to participate in the online course and haven’t participated in one of our in-person courses, talk to your doctor for a referral. If you have participated in a course in the past 6 months, then we will be in touch with you about upcoming courses for you to participate in.
What are the minimal on-line requirements to participate in an online course?

To participate in the program, and make it a positive experience for you, please check you have the following minimum on-line requirement:

– Windows 10, an updated Mac or a smartphone with the Zoom app downloaded
– Functioning camera and microphone
– Fast, reliable, and password-protected internet connection

We recommend connecting directly into your router to strengthen internet connection and if you are using wifi please ensure you have an updated wireless router.

Ensure that you can have your device plugged in for the whole class. 

The Zoom meeting platform works best within the browser Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or another browser, some features may not work for you.

Will someone be able to support me with the technology to participate online?

Yes. The CBT Skills Groups Society will be able to support you to get set-up to join us online. Contact with your questions and we will help you.

In response to COVID-19 all CBT Skills Groups are being offered online.